Organization Analysis, Design & Change

The Current Revolution in Organization Design and Future Visions
1.5 hours - full course

The smokestack hierarchy is vanishing. New concepts are emerging-lateral, cluster, network, 'virtual', and post-modern organization designs. These pioneering directions are challenging our assumptions about people, group dynamics, process and systems, the role of information technology, and linkages with customers and suppliers. This presentation explores these new designs, and the approaches being taken to achieve them, including process reengineering/innovation and cultural change. We also highlight how management can approach organizational assessment, redesign and ongoing renewal.

Organizational Diagnosis for Actionable Outcomes
2 hours - 2 days

How do you find out the underlying problems undermining organizational performance? How do you go about taking action? Businesses today must get at the root causes of low productivity, poor quality, diminishing market share, and other key problems. This presentation focuses on a model for identifying and analyzing the real reasons behind symptoms of organizational weakness. The aim is getting to conclusions and recommendations that are actionable-achievable-given organizational realities.

Organizational Assessment and Change - A Customer-Oriented Approach
1.5 hours - 2 days

Explains the 'why' and 'how' of a process for improving organizational performance, focusing on the needs and expectations of customers. The process brings together marketing research information with internal organizational survey information, providing a basis for organizational diagnosis, planning, and development.

A 'How-to' Road Map for Understanding and Changing Organizational Culture
1.5 hours - 1 day

It seems as if almost every organization is struggling with trying to understand and change their culture. An enormous number of models exist to help organizations embark on the change process. We will give an overview of some of the best of these and discuss typical obstacles and pitfalls. To draw it all together, we present a model we have developed for achieving organizational change, based on our experience and views.

Using Employee Surveys for Assessing and Transforming Your Organization
1 hr - 2 days

Employee motivation, attitudes, perceptions, and opinions are critical to organizational success. This presentation examines the purposes employee surveys can serve and, most importantly, how survey findings can be utilized. Drawing upon our experience, the challenges of designing and conducting a survey are examined with emphasis on process and action planning.

Using Focus Groups to Probe Organizational Realities
1 hour - 2 days

While marketing researchers have been using focus groups for years, the technique is fairly new in the field of human resource management. This presentation will explain the nature of using focus groups, the unique advantages and possible pitfalls of this approach. We discuss how focus groups can be used to assess attitudes, values, and ideas as well as uncover and explore underlying issues within an organization.

Generating and Cultivating a Creative and Innovative Organization
45 mins. - 1/2 day

Competitive challenges demand anorganization that can generate new ideas for products, services, ways to improve internal operations, and devising winning strategies. This presentation shows how to unleash your organization's creative energies to invent new ways of doing things, find innovative solutions, and make break-through decisions. We focus on specific actions that: 1) liberate the inventive potential of your employees, 2) optimize your organization's competitive strength, and 3) invest in your company's Adventure Capital™.