Human Resource Management

Survival Strategy and Tactics for HR Practitioners in the Information Age
1 hour - 1/2 day

"Knowledge is Power," is becoming "access to knowledge is power," while HR's needs for information keep expanding. Using our experience in creating Stern's SourceFinder® we will address the changing role of HR and discuss tactics for getting at information quickly - especially the needle-in-a-haystack variety.

HRM 2000 Plus - Adventuring Into an Uncertain, Frenetic and Diverse Future
1 hour - 1/2 day

In this age of lateral, virtual, organic, boundary-less and network organizations, mass-customization, global markets, and liberated self-directed teams, HRM can no longer be the traditional, centralized gatekeeper and naysayer that it came to be in the last 50 years. The question we address is: How will HR respond to these new realities and what are some of the most aggressive HRM practitioners doing? While no one has the answers, we must have the courage, curiosity, and imagination to begin exploring the possibilities. Among other subjects, we examine: new ways HRM is redefining, reengineering and integrating itself into evolving organizational/business strategies; how HRM is pro actively marketing itself to its customers; ways that HRM is 'dollar-izing' itself and linking its efforts to the bottom-line; and efforts toward achieving profit-center status.