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Stern & Associates is a frequent contributor to professional and business journals on a broad range of business, organizational, and human resource management topics. In addition to the articles featured below, please use the links to the left of this page to find articles on other subjects that may interest you.

Featured Article: The New Board of Directors

The United States economy is facing a crisis in corporate governance. Since May, several companies have named "lead directors" in instances where the board chairperson is also the CEO...

Long Term Success Through Deep Organizational Diagnosis

Are companies at the competitive edge problem free? Do any organizations work flawlessly? Not in the real world. How do the winners overcome their problems? What distinguishes them from other companies? How do they survive while others flounder or fall?

21st Century Pay Surveys : Surveying the Labor Market in the Information Age

In recent years, a preponderance of organizations have redefined their missions, reframed their business strategies, and reengineered their work processes. Consequently, old jobs are being combined or redesigned and new jobs are being created. Additionally, new pay systems are being developed to support the goals, strategies and cultures of these changing organizations

Motivation Strategy

Motivation is an organization's life-blood; yet "motivation," as a business subject, is largely ignored. Even when not ignored, it certainly is not a focal point for strategic thinking