What people are saying...

"I would like to thank you for the recent presentation that you made to our organization. I know that all the members benefited from the compensation data that you shared. Your talk was most informative and pertinent."
-- Peter R. Herrera, Chairperson, Southern California Technical Personnel Committee
"Thank you for your very informative and timely presentation. Your topic, 'Information is Power,' has never been more pertinent than it is today. Not only was the topic of great interest, but the delivery and format of the presentation was exceptionally well done. You are to be commended and congratulated."
-- June Millet, PhD, Chairperson, Human Resources Planning Roundtable
"Thank you for your important presentation on How H.R. Can Shape Hospital Culture at our semi-annual conference. I have received excellent reports from attendees regarding your presentation! It was clear, to the point and was very useful."
-- Scott W. Goodwin, Program Chairperson, Hospital Human Resources Management Association
"Thank you for your presentation on Thinking Outside of the Box and Processes to Promote Employee Motivation. Your program was very well received, and I hope that you will consider returning to speak on other subjects next year."
-- Maxine R. Goldberg, Program Chair, Los Angeles Human Resources Association
"Thank you for coming to speak to our Network. I've received many compliments on your talk on Communicating in Organizations and have passed on my favorable remarks to the ACA. We are getting very good response for membership due, in part, on our putting together an interesting and informative program."
-- Cary Randow, Chairperson, The Northwestern Compensation Forum
"Thank you for speaking at our meeting. Your overview on the Trends, Recent Activity and Thinking Towards Compensation was extremely interesting and well received by those who attended."
-- Steve Sanders, President, National Human Resources Association, Ventura County
"Thank you for your presentation on the topic of 'Thinking Outside of the Box About Incentives.' Your backgrounds and knowledge of this complex topic provided our members with a very worthwhile session."
-- Louis L. Mihalyfy, Chairperson, Professionals in Human Resources Association
"Many thanks are extended to both of your for the presentation on Multi-Rater Feedback Systems for the Employers Group San Fernando Valley Human Resources Roundtable. Your time, effort and knowledge put into the presentation were very much appreciated. The group learned a great deal and received some valuable insights and information on the topic. I did receive a phone call later from a member about how much she enjoyed the presentation, and that it was a good learning experience. Well done!"
-- Carla Bryant, Program Manager, The Employers Group
"I just wanted to thank you both again for the presentation you made to the HR Focus Group. The members are still talking about what a great job you did. Thank you for sharing."
-- Dick Kaumeyer, Vice President, Spherion, Inc.
"Thank you for your outstanding presentation to the CEO Roundtable. It is always interesting to see how CEOs react to the topic of organizational structure, since they generally create it."
-- Robert H. King, Program Manager, The Employers Group