What people are saying...

"Stern & Associate's knowledge and level of integrity is beyond approach. I have referred other clients to them and feel comfortable in recommending them for HR projects relating to organizational change, compensation, or recruitment."
-- Michael B. Kafka, Director of Human Resources, Norwood Promotional Products, Inc.
"I wish to thank you for your outstanding support and professionalism in compensation and organization. Without your able assistance in the development of an organization plan. We would not have been able to effectively manage our amazingly rapid growth."
-- Tom Weaver, Director of Human Resources, Prosoft I-Net Solutions, Inc.
"I know I speak for all of the Board in saying we very much appreciate the level of effort the two of you have been putting into both projects, and we value your insights about CORE's new compensation programs."
-- Dr. Leslie Alexander, Board Member and Compensation Committee Chairman, CORE, Inc.
"I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in designing and helping us implement a sales incentive compensation plan. I appreciated the in-depth approach that you took and the way you provided us with a plan that was precisely tailored to the nature of our business, our marketing strategy, and our sales approach. I highly recommend your firm to other organizations in need of consulting services."
-- Jack H. Kulp, President, Lear Siegler Signal Division.
"I'd like you to know that we were quite pleased with the work you did for us. The commission/incentive/profit sharing/stock option plans you designed were well-received by the principals and staff and they seem to be working! They have created the focused productivity we had hoped for and anticipated. Thanks for a fine job!"
-- David J. Bowman, President, TTG Consultants.
"Thank you for the high quality work you produced for Avco Financial Services on our most recent project. The recommendations you made are well-founded and very comprehensive. Your flexibility to address the corporate culture issues impacting marketing and operational decisions, from both a human resource and strategic marketing perspective, was extremely helpful."
"Your high level of ability became very apparent to me during the qualitative phase of the project. I particularly appreciated your 'extra' support when the project recommendations were presented to Senior Management. I strongly recommend you to other businesses in need of the type of business consulting you and your associates provide. Thank you."
-- William A. Tangalos, Marketing Information Manager, U.S. Marketing, Avco Financial Services
"You were a key player in many of the critical human resource decisions that we made in such sensitive matters as board and staff compensation, personnel policies and standards for review. Stern & Associates provided us timely and cost-effective advice in these matters. You were a valuable source of referral to other professionals with whom we worked on other policy matters. My board and I truly appreciated the job you did for us."
-- Jay Olins, CEO, California Student Finance Loan Association
"Let me say again how much I appreciated your wise counsel and guidance throughout the entire profit-based bonus program. It was received with enthusiasm and was also easy to administratively implement. You have a great sensitivity to applying compensation science to business strategy.""
-- Jacqueline A. Walker, President and Chairman, The Walker Group
"You guys were GREAT!!! Thanks for the effort. Your insights will be priceless to Don and Eric; I'd like to include them both."
-- Keith Freadhoff, CEO, Prosoft I-Net Solutions, Inc.
"It is certainly a testimony to your fine work that the pay-for-performance program you developed for us in 1987 is still in place and working well. Your thoroughness in developing an understanding of our business and corporate culture, and surveying both the marketplace and our own staff, provided the basis for a program that was uniquely tailored to our needs, and that has supported the growth and change that we have undergone over the past several years."
"We also found your assistance in the development of our internal climate survey invaluable. We continue to administer this survey to all employees on an annual basis, and although the survey instrument has been expanded over the years, we continue to use the basic instrument you developed. We look forward to working with you again in the future."
-- Patricia A. Lowery, Vice President, Human Resources, First Consulting Group
"I commend you on how well the point factor system gave us market values and hierarchical intrinsic values of a job. Merrill and I both thank you and look forward to working with you in the future."
-- Raul M. Duarte, Vice President of Compensation, Home Savings of America
"I want to thank you very much for the extremely competent and informative focus survey you completed last month on key corporate positions here at LCMHS."
-- Scott W. Goodwin, Vice President, Human Resources, Little Company of Mary Health Services
"Our heartfelt thanks for the work on the compensation/bonus project. We are extremely pleased with the final results. We really appreciated the timeframe under which your company responded to our needs and your flexibility in light of the constant changes that occurred during the project. Your personalized attention really made the difference and it showed throughout the project. Thank you again for your honesty, consistency and dedication in meeting our goals. Thanks for delivering first-class!"
-- Faye L. Clerk, Director, Human Resources, Sega GameWorks, L.L.C.
"I had lunch yesterday with Margie Long, Director of Human Resources, J.D. Power & Associates. She is very impressed with the work you are doing for her. Margie thanked me several times for making the introduction."
-- Dick Kaumeyer, Vice President, Spherion, Inc.