Links: Compensation & Benefits Surveys

Abbott, Langer & Associates, Inc. - Compensation and Benefits Reports - Survey. Review the current pay rates available here for over 300 benchmark jobs inIT/MIS/dp, Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, HR, Consulting,Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Legal, and other fields from well over 7,000participating organizations. The income statistics, factors affecting salaries (including education and experience), and benefit practicespresented here show how the complete survey reports can help your organization attract and retain the best people while keeping your budgetunder control.

ERI Economic Research Institute - Salary Survey Analyses - ERI provides over 10,000 organizations with salary survey analyses, geographic differentials, wage surveys, executive compensation information, cost of living comparisons, prevailing wage studies, employee benefit data, and compensation and benefits training. Over eighty percent of the Fortune 500 use ERI's database software to set salary and relocation costs.

WageWeb - Survey. On-line salary service which provides information on over 150 benchmark positions. National data may be viewed by anyone. Fee-paying members may view surveys by geography, size of organization or industry.