Book Reviews: Policy, Administration and Services

Blindsided: A Manager's Guide to Catastrophic Incidents in the Workplace, by Bruce T. Blythe. Grosset/Putnam (Penguin Putnam Inc.).
This is a how-to manual for any type of crisis. It provides step-by-step guidelines for dealing with employees, customers, and the media. The book is divided into two sections, crisis response and crisis preparedness. It is extremely well organized and gives clear, to-the-point information on a very broad range of topics. Quick Use Response Guides follow each of the nine chapters. The book includes incident checklists and a Crisis Response Manual. Blythe delivers terrific value. 230 pp. 2002.

The E-Policy Handbook: Designing and Implementing Effective E-Mail, Internet, and Software Policies, by Nancy L. Flynn. AMACOM.
Provides guidelines for conducting a comprehensive audit, developing policy governing the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet, and understanding employee rights and employer responsibilities. Provides guidelines, examples of policies and disaster stories. Helps assess security risks, gauge vulnerability, understand laws, purchase insurance, write policies, train employees in how to communicate online, draft a crisis plan, and other subjects. Includes examples, glossary, and resources. Recommended. 285 pp. 2001

The Human Resources Software Handbook: Evaluating Technology Solutions for Your Organization, by James G. Meade. Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.
This book guides you through the process of evaluating and selecting HR software. Part one gives you an introduction to the marketplace, the players, and the software features. Part two provides a step-by-step guide for through the latest process for evaluating software including defining your needs, getting the right information from vendors, and shows how to script a demo and check references. Part three introduces best practice in the crunch-time of software selection. Sections four and five examine HRIS system vendors for smaller and mid-sized companies. Includes an appendix of vendors and a CD-ROM of selected programs. An outstanding, information-rich and very comprehensive, reference, accessible to those who are not techies. 375 pp. 2003.